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A distinctive fashion brand for the creative child.

The comfort of our children and the uniqueness of qualitative & innovative design is our goal.  We thrive in making a product that is Quintessential, has Heirloom qualities, and is Art inspired.


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Raw Ethereal

Raw Ethereal, a representation of our planet Earth in its pure state...from raw core to ethereal space.   The palette of nothing and the smell of origins bring this collection to its simple form. Hand woven rope cords, released threads, and the purity of 100% linen add dimension and heirloom beauty to the beginning of Spring

Mod Organic

Mod Organic, an introduction to Summer fun with colors blooming, sun and play, ice cream Sundays and happy faces. A collection crafted with hand-cut appliques and bias cut ombre cottons

Powder Soft

Powder Soft

Powder Soft, inspired by the light and sweet caress of Spring, with the tingling effect of careless Summer.  This group is delicately crafted in airy pastels with fine "point d'esprit" overlays.  Hand weaving details create soft gathers, thus allowing ease of movement and a flowy expression on each piece.